A Better Addiction

One of my top takeaways from AMTL 1 was that I needed to run more.

So I’ve started running.

I’d previously never run more than 2.2 miles at once (twice in 2002 or 2003). As of today, my record is 6.4 miles.

The key difference now is the understanding that keeping my heart rate low (easy running) is actually more productive than running quickly to exhaustion.

It’s become incredibly addictive.

I’m still not fond of the repetition of rapid bipedal forward motion, but claims that it leads to neurogenesis seem to be bearing out.

And it makes the hikes that much more fun.

If you’ve been intimidated by it in the past, I encourage you to give it a try. The only pace you should think about is the pace of your heart. Keep it slow enough that you are able to talk and soon you’ll be running for hours.

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