Current Podcasts

I was on an audiobook tear for a couple of years but lately I’ve wanted to consume smaller pieces, so I’m back to podcasts. Here are some of my currents:

Insta Listen

I see these in my download queue and do a little jump for joy. Put ’em on as soon as they’re available.

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Assembled beautifully, Reid and team stitch together a wide variety of interviews to deliver hard hitting topical lessons for entrepreneurs.

Conversations with Tyler

Tyler is master wizard. It’s a pleasure to listen to his insightful conversations with experts from many disciplines. If you’re not sold yet, this should tip you in favor: the ideas of Rene Girard come up frequently starting with episode 1.

Top Level Podcast

A podcast borne from love of the game (that game is Magic the Gathering). Patrick Chapin and Michael J Flores’ passion for this game is contagious. Also inside: winning strategies.

Business Wars

The soda pop of business podcasts. A quick and regular hit that may stick to the broad strokes but cries out to be binged.

The Business

Kim Masters is the consummate reporter, and her team delivers real reporting on the business of entertainment. Thought it’s been on the air longer, I think I’ve listened to every episode since 2007. Even if you’re not a fan of the featured guest, don’t skip The Banter.


Business Class

Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

Barbara brings her direct manner and sharp acumen to a series of brief bites.

The Pitch

Essentially a deeper Shark Tank, it’s a great way to keep an eye on the market while also learning about the dance.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Long interviews with people who started cool companies. They saw the goal and fought their way to it. #inspiration

Track Changes

Paul Ford has written some of the best pieces about technology this century, and it’s a pleasure to hear him talk with Rich Ziade about the “weather” in New York.


Fun Limited Series

Mike Detective

The podcast that really got me into podcasts as a way of life, this comic miniseries follows the travails of Mike Detective, who happens to be a detective. 100 puns a minute, it’s a pure masterpiece. Sadly only (officially) available with a subscription service.

Solve the World

Gotta throw in a shout for my friend Dante Stack. This ~100 episode series moves in fits and starts but it is 100% worth the ride.

Making Obama

Fascinating, retrospective inside look at the rising career of Barack Obama, featuring interviews with everyone BUT him.


It’s about the shipping variety. Unexpectedly enjoyable.

A Very Fatal Murder

The antidote to what ails podcasting. Give it 20 minutes of your life.

Building Wonderland

ZOMG wow WTF chumbawambaland


Deeper Thoughts

Limited Resources

Ok, maybe a little ironic to kick off the deep thoughts section with another MtG podcast, but this is the stuff. Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas get deep into the mechanics and strategies for the toughest format of the game.

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

You might be in for some deep inside baseball here, but Axelrod pulled off at least one coup in 2008. Plenty of gems here.

Waking Up with Sam Harris

Sam’s commitment to independence puts him head and shoulders above the think piece crowd. Expect thoughtful encounters with all manner of biologists, AI researchers, and secular ethicists (yes, it can be done!).

The Economist: Full edition

Ok, definitely aspirational for me to put this on here because I rarely get through an entire issue, but the ear coverage is great service. Also: funnier than you might expect!


It’s So Humorous

Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast

The original. Sadly you’ll have to pay to access the best (old) episodes. Start with the “Best Of” for the latest year.

Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

Andy’s a perfect absurdist at heart. His earnest tone makes each character delightful and fresh.

Personal Best

Like Nathan For You but for podcasts. But Canadian. …oh wait…


History is For Lovers

The Fall of Rome Podcast

Tides of History

WE NEED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO OUR HISTORY, GET OFF MY LAWN. >:) Patrick Wyman’s excellent pair of podcasts help us understand that the people of the past were still people, and not all that different than us.


The Pulp

Casefile True Crime

An anonymous voice reads self written reports of grisly crime. What could be more compelling than the unvarnished facts?


In depth look at a family that has managed to capture and hold onto a big edge of the zeitgeist. From my home public radio station, OPB.


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